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Animal Communicator

Work with me in person or via Zoom, phone, FaceTime, Skype

or WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

Come and experience a

regenerative, healing, uplifting and

enlightening session with me



You are a spiritual being

    having a human experience.


Susan Elizabeth

The purpose of my gifts is to provide a

regenerative, healing, uplifting and enlightening experience for all of my clients.


Connect with your higher self, your friends and loved ones in spirit, or your sweet animal companions. 

Come let me show you the landscape

of your life through the eyes of the Universe.

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Mediumship is a beautiful form of communication with our loved ones who have crossed over and are no longer with us in physical form. As a Psychic Medium, Susan Elizabeth uses her gifts to bring peace, healing and messages of love to those who remain here on earth. Her ability to provide evidence that life continues after death and that our loved ones are still with us in spirit, is the greatest gift she is blessed to be able to share.


As a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, Susan Elizabeth can clearly see the past, present and future. She uses her intuition and sixth sense to read the human energy field to assist people in their lives. This method of communication can and does have amazing results and can heal the past and pave the way for the future.

Sometimes we all need a little assistance on our journey through life. A glimpse into the future can be an invaluable tool.


Group Mediumship Readings are usually done at your home provided you live an hour or less away from Sparta, New Jersey. The minimum number of people for a group reading is four and the maximum number of people is ten. Group readings are usually scheduled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday days. Other days and times can be arranged.


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