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Let's talk about gratitude

I wanted to write my first blog about gratitude. These last two weeks have been difficult for me for various reasons. We all go through ups and downs in the cycle of our lives. It is what being human is all about. The difference is whether or not you are able to see the gifts being presented to you even in the face of illness or hardship.

There are so many people everywhere touting the practice of gratitude. Telling you to journal three things you are grateful for daily or asking you to stop throughout your day to be grateful for something in the present moment. These are all good practices to remind us to be grateful, but I want to talk about gratitude on a whole different level.

Sometimes the challenges in our lives get in the way of our ability to see the big picture. We get so caught up in what is happening "to us" that we can't see beyond it. We fall into victim or blame mode. We allow ourselves to be carried away from our souls and straight back into our human selves, our ego minds. Listening to our minds is what keeps us from our divine birthright of abundance, unconditional love and complete support. As I was experiencing the difficulties of the last two weeks in my own life, I was advised to just let go and put everything into the hands of the divine - source - universe, or whatever nomenclature you are comfortable with. I have been told this many times throughout my life. There is that old saying I grew up with "Let Go, Let God". The problem is, even though I said I would let go, I never truly did. Not on any level even close to what was expected by the universe.

You see, the universe wants us to really let go. Give up all control. Give up all attachment, fear and doubt. Something we humans have a really hard time with. Maybe the path to learning how to let go is part of the plan. For me, it took a lot of courage. I am not talking about just saying to yourself "I put everything into the hands of the divine"; I am talking about actually doing it. Fully, wholeheartedly and completely doing it. Letting it all go.

Well, after nearly an entire lifetime, I did it. I completely and utterly let go. I let go of everything. Attachment, fear and doubt are no longer a part of my life. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy and yet it was easy. All those worries that kept me awake at night about money, career, ageing, love, etc., (you fill in the blanks) are completely gone. I know it sounds hard to believe, but they are gone. And then the most wonderful thing happened to me - I experienced gratitude on a level I have never experienced before. Tears began streaming down my face. Unconditional love and peace filled my heart and soul. The gratitude I feel now in each and every moment is all encompassing. I am still shedding some tears now and then when I consider how blessed I am.

Even more miraculously, out of this profound gratitude, came all the answers I was looking for. Or, rather, all of the answers were already there, I just couldn't see them through the haze of fear and doubt that encompassed me. The more grateful I was, the more things began to shift in my life. Doorways opened up for me. Synchronicities began popping up all over the place. I recognized and followed them which led to even more doorways opening. Things started flowing in my life like never before. I realized I was experiencing the flow and abundance of the universe.

The unconditional love, abundance and support of the universe is there for all of us. Put all your fears and worries into the hands of the universe and let go. Feel gratitude fill your heart to overflowing and watch your life change. Mine did. <3

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