• Susan Elizabeth Kerr

A Time for Healing Ourselves from Within

Let me first say that the healing I am writing about here is healing ourselves from within. Nothing less, nothing more. This is not about disease, it is about dis-ease within ourselves. Many of us are conditioned from birth to experience dis-ease. This is where we feel that we are not good enough or rich enough or pretty/handsome enough. Whatever it is that you personally feel is "wrong" with you.

Guess what? There is nothing wrong with you. There never was. You are perfect just the way you are. Yes, there are lessons we all need to learn in this lifetime, but that is why our souls incarnate into physical, human form on this planet — to learn, expand and grow as spiritual beings.

Before we are born, we decide what lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. We choose our parents. (Yes, we choose our parents.) We agree to be born. We are born. We are born with amnesia so that we can learn the lessons we agreed to learn but have no clue that we agreed to any of it. We forget our spiritual nature. We forget that our souls are eternal. That there is no death. Even though our physical bodies die, our souls never do.

At some point in our lives, hopefully, we remember that we are eternal, spiritual beings. We wake up or we "awaken". We understand that we are eternal. We understand that we are all connected to everything and everyone. We know deep within us that we are never alone because there is no separation. We know that we are perfect just the way we are. This is when we are finally able to begin healing the dis-ease within ourselves.

I personally feel that the most damaging human trait we all need to heal within ourselves is judgment. Judgment of ourselves. Judgment of others. It causes so much pain and dis-ease within so many of us. We need to remember that we must not compare ourselves to others because there is no comparison. Each of us is completely unique. There is no one out there exactly like you. No one. We all have a reason for being here. We all have things to learn and things that we can teach and share with others. We all have experiences in our lives that are meant to facilitate the growth and expansion of our souls. Not all of it is pleasant but not all of it is painful either. There is so much beauty in this world too.

Drop all judgment of yourself and others. We are all on a different path and at different stages. We all are products of different circumstances. We have all come here to learn different lessons in our own time.

Take the time to go within. Meditate. Place your awareness in your heart. Get out of your head and be still. Go into nature. Observe the beauty all around you. Pay attention to the little things we often take for granted or do not even see. Awaken to the knowledge that you are an eternal being created perfectly just the way you are.

Remember this -- we are all connected. We are taught to believe that we are separate. We are not. We are one.

Drop all judgment of yourself and others and let the healing begin.

Many blessings and much love to you all.

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