It is my client's choice to use their full name or first name only and I respect their privacy and decisions either way. I am extremely grateful for their kind words.

Sunset over the Mountains

Michael Karl Richards

This was my first time seeking professional, intuitive counsel and I wasn't sure what to expect.

A session with Susan feels grounded yet powerful. Her counsel is a gentle, guiding hand

nudging me back toward my highest self. She provided much clarity and 

helped me cut through the overgrowth, allowing me to clear my own path.

Calm Sea

Rhonda Denet

Susan has a gift and uses it to offer healing information and enlightened guidance from the "other side."

I recently received a serious diagnosis regarding my health and sought the council of family, guides and ancestors. There was no need to answer a litany of questions before many souls came through with messages that overwhelmed me to tears. I was set on a path of forgiveness to clear blocks surrounding a recently departed loved one. Then she went further to clarify and confirm some things I've felt for most of my life but was either fearful of or resistant to. Realizations that would be crucial to address head on in order to transcend my condition. Overall the session gave me profound peace. It encouraged me to make informed decisions knowing that I'm supported in more ways than I could've imagined. I will be doing all

I can to support Susan as she continues to use her gifts to uplift and provide guidance.


Carolyn Cerrelli

I am so thankful that the Universe brought Susan and I together. For years after the loss of my husband when I was just 40, all I could feel was anguish, pain, guilt and remorse. This was consuming me and I was sure I would never emerge from this desperation. When I started talking with Susan, she was able to bring him right to me. It was incredible! It was him 100%. What I especially loved about that first session is that it wasn't just Susan bringing him through and only her speaking with proof that he is still here but I was actually able to have a conversation with him - ask questions and get answers. She was a conduit for what was a true healing session. Moving forward, with her help I have connected with

many loved ones who have passed. 
The healing that this has brought to my life is immeasurable. I have recommended a session with Susan to friends and family members as far away as Italy who have also begun their healing process. The caring she brings leaves you feeling hopeful, secure and full of heavenly light.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Kristen Houser

Susan is an exceptional medium and healer. Her gifts are profound because of her ability to reach depths and insight that even other mediums couldn't perceive, which she elegantly pairs with tangible solutions for growth and healing. I would chalk this up to her holistic understanding of the unseen world and the many lives she's lived in service to all. She reaches across dimensions and connects with a range of beings of light to convey the most authentic message, including information promoting restorative and long-term healing. She isn't just interested in fixing a situation with a bandaid, she is committed to getting to the source of the issue and providing a solution. That's the only sort of person I would ever want to work with, and Susan's authentic approach to regenerative healing is undoubtedly the basis of her work. She doesn't give you data or stories, she paints a picture so you can see for yourself the visual landscape of your life and how to evolve from within.

Banana Leaves

Luke Elwin

Every now and again as you go through life, you meet someone extra special. This is Susan. Having worked with many healers and psychics over the years, with hand on heart I can say Susan is truly gifted and spectacular! So much so that I’ve sent many friends and family her way. Susan has such a lovely energy and always helps shine light to provide clear and insightful guidance. I will forever be grateful to Susan shining her light now and for years to come! Susan is funny, light hearted and very connected to spirit, deeply empathic and caring. Thank you Susan for all you are.

Flower in Sunlight


When my son passed away at 29, the pain was unbearable, as I was feeling empty and sad. My daughter had a beautiful group session with Susan and said I would get comfort by scheduling a one on one session with Susan at our house. I did find a sense of joy hearing Kurt was at peace and he is with me and wants us to be happy. Susan also channeled in something special and surprising, a very loving deceased couple who previously lived in our house before us. That couple happened to be close friends of the family and it was comforting to know they were there with us through the challenging time looking over the family. My time with Susan brought me such comfort as this was the most difficult time of my life.

Forest Trees


I just wanted to thank you for the reading last night! I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel! It was if a great weight was lifted from me. To know Chris loves me and wants me to live and be happy, so simple, so logical a message and yet I guess my soul needed to hear it. Today is the day that Chris passed and instead of crying, I feel him next to me and I am not sad! I am actually happy! God bless you, Susan. You have such a beautiful gift!

Field of Flowers

Kristen D'Amato

As a healer myself, Susan is the first person I go to when I need assistance.  The clarity of guidance she receives and the purity of the transmission of this energy has supported profound healing for me. Susan is one of my greatest allies on both my journey of personal healing and in serving others.  I feel so blessed to receive her gifts.

Wild Flowers

Cindy Dever

Susan not only helped me connect with loved ones but helped me see areas where I had blockages that were hindering me from living my happiest life. Speaking with Susan has brought me such peace on multiple occasions, and she is an incredible person.

and resource to know. Susan gets to the heart of things.


Tristan Gutner

Susan is a profoundly gifted psychic and healer. I came to Susan with a faltering relationship and an unfulfilling job. Susan helped me to heal my relationship to the woman who is now my wife and supported me to launch the business I'd always dreamed of. Susan has a keen insight into the root causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual

dis-ease and it is through my work with her that I was able to create a life I love!!

I am deeply grateful for Susan's support and guidance.